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The CitruSolution Carpet Cleaning Process uses a citrus-based 100% biodegradable and non toxic solvent cleaning solution that is manufactured exclusively for us. This outstanding formula eliminates the residual problems caused by steam, shampoo, and chemical cleaning, so your carpets stay cleaner longer. We begin with a pre-spray of the entire carpet with the CitruSolution using a 3-gallon backpack sprayer. We then use a rotary machine with a dirtnapper system. This bonnet and brush system cleans the carpet fiber and picks up debris from deep within the carpet. We finish by using a hepa filter vacuum to dry vacuum the carpet. We use a hepa filter vaccuum because of what it picks up, as well as, how well it keeps dirt and particles in the filtration systems. We use this process because it Cleans Better, Dries Faster, Stays Cleaner Longer, and Smells Great!

Why Citrus? We believe our citrus solvent cleaner is a healthier, more effective way to clean and protect your carpet and furniture. CitruSolution is a dry cleaning fluid process with a twist of lemon, orange, and grapefruit. Our cleaner is powered by Mother Nature. It is a citrus solvent extracted from citrus peels called D-Limonene. It has the ability to maintain the appearance of carpet and furniture, and at the same time minimize allergens in the carpet. The CitruSolution, when combined with an antimicrobial, has provided relief from allergy symptoms for many of our clients. You take your fine clothes to the dry cleaner to avoid damage caused by soap and water. We use CitruSolution for the same reason. The citrus is very effective against grease, soils, pet stains, and fights yellowing and oxidation that can dull your carpet. CitruSolution cleans and treats you carpet without leaving a soapy or chemical residue. If you think soap or chemicals are good for your carpet, the next time you shampoo your hair, don’t rinse and see how well it works!!

What is D-Limonene? It is a major component extracted from citrus rinds. The rinds and pulp are sent to an evaporator and the D-Limonene is steamed out. It widely known for the pleasant scent and degreasing properties. D-Limonene is currently being used in many applications such as chlorinated solvent replacements, hand cleaners, and sewage treatments.

The environmentally safe solvent. Since D-Limonene solvent is extracted from natural resources (i.e. orange, grapefruit, and lemon peels), the solvent does not add any materials into the environment than what would occur naturally. Therefore, it does not contain any ozone depleting chemicals. Using naturally derived solvents such as cleaning agents, is an excellent source of ozone reduction. D-Limonene is biodegradable too; an important issue to water treatment plants and everyone who drinks water.

We primarily provide carpet and upholstery cleaning services in Franklin and Southern Delaware County including: New Albany, Powell, Galena, Columbus, Westerville, Gahanna, Lewis Center, Worthington, and more!

8 Reasons You Should Choose CitruSolution for your Carpet & Upholstery:

  1. Cleans better – solvent extracted from citrus peels, NO soap! NO shampoo!
  2. Low moisture – no extraction required so it dries in a few hours, not days.
  3. Stays cleaner longer – no soapy residue left behind.
  4. Minimizes allergens in carpet.
  5. Guaranteed phone quotes – NO hidden fees, EVER!
  6. FREE bottle of CitruSpotter with each cleaning – great for touch-ups.
  7. Quality service that exceeds the industry standards and attention to detail.
  8. Flexible scheduling.
citruscarpetOur Process